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नमस्ते! My journey through the tapestry of words begins in the heart of Haryana, in the bustling district of Gurgaon. Hindi, a language that resonates with my very existence, forms the essence of my cultural identity. Born in the Haryanvi-speaking belt, my roots are deeply embedded in the unique linguistic and cultural landscape of this region. Haryanvi, a language rich in oral traditions, finds its expression through spoken words, with a fascinating nuance—I find it intriguing that it cannot be transcribed in its written form, necessitating the use of Hindi words for written communication.

Educated in the Hindi medium, I pursued my academic journey with a Bachelor’s degree in Hindi Honours, followed by the successful completion of my Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). This educational background, rooted in Hindi and complemented by a global perspective from the MBA, has shaped my understanding of both language and business.

Driven by a passion to promote and preserve our linguistic and literary heritage, I have embarked on a unique venture—an author and curator at my own Hindi lyrics website. This platform serves as a haven for enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of the poetic narratives woven into Hindi songs. It is a labor of love and an endeavor to bridge the gap between the soulful verses of Hindi songs and their interpretation.

My goal is to facilitate an immersive experience, helping individuals comprehend the emotions and meanings encapsulated in the lyrics. Beyond the literal translation, my aim is to unravel the artistic and emotional layers, fostering a connection between the listener and the profound expressions embedded in Hindi music.

As an advocate for linguistic diversity and a custodian of Hindi’s lyrical charm, I invite you to join me on this literary journey. Let us explore the intricate tapestry of Hindi songs, unraveling the poetry that adds melody to our lives.

आपका स्वागत है! (You are welcome!)

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