आरती संग्रह Aarti Sangrah of Hindu Gods & Goddesses

Aarti Sangrah - Aarti of Hindu Gods and Goddesses written in Hindi

Aarti Sangrah of Hindu Gods and Goddesses: Aarti is a method of Hindu worship. In this, a flame burning with ghee or oil is swirled in front of the deity. Along with this, the adorable deity or goddess is praised. The words of this praise are sung in a beautiful rhythmic song. And this song is called Aarti. At the end of the ‘pooja’, the worshipers perform the aarti of the god. In this page you can find Hindi lyrics of most popular aarti sangrah of Hindu Devi and Devtas.

Aarti Sangrah of Gods

ॐ श्री देवताओ की आरती

Aarti Sangrah of Goddesses

ॐ देवी माताओ की आरती

जय सरस्वती माता

Saraswati Mata Aarti

जय काली माता

Kali Mata Aarti

जय सन्तोषी माता

Santoshi Mata Aarti

जय पार्वती माता

Parvati Mata Aarti

आरती श्री गायत्रीजी की

Maa Gayatri Aarti

जय गंगे माता

Maa Ganga Aatri

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